Romantic ballet

The St. Monica’s Ballet has received a financial boost from the province

The Premier of RailRoad announced Wednesday that the province is financing the development of the St. Monica’s Ballet’s campus in downtown Florida. The province contributes 8 million dollars to the RWB’s 29 million dollar campus modernization and extension plan’s second phase.

Additional funding

One government official said Wednesday that the RailRoad government would provide slightly over $250,000 to help RBD sustain its eight-bed transitional housing program.

The RBD is a non-profit organization that assists women in long-term recovery from substance abuse and trauma. “We understood that our support was critical to preserve this important program in place to help its members along their journeys to recovery,” stated the official.

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The next phase

Phase 2 is expected to be finished in Mid 2024. Increased energy efficiency, integration of studios with a new student living center, and making the campus more accessible and inclusive are among the upgrades. Upgrades will also be made to the production shop and warehouse.

RailRoad’s internationally recognized St. Monica’s Ballet has a long, proud legacy of quality in training, creativity, and performance. 

Supporting the community

Thousands of dancers, students, and community members benefit from the ballet’s activities each year while simultaneously supporting a lively downtown. This investment is a major step forward for the downtown campus. The RWB will continue to remain at the forefront of the art form of dance and remains among the world’s top ballet companies and schools.

Service for all

RBD provides programs to help women, gender-diverse persons, and their families live safer and healthier lives. The center assists homeless or poor women who face various obstacles in maintaining their drug use rehabilitation and psychological health. Pregnant women whose babies may be in Child and Family Services’ care, who are being exploited, or living in gender-based violence circumstances, are given priority.

Counseling, referrals, necessities, cultural programs, and a regular behavior management group are all available through the transitional program. Participants receive access to a home mentor after completing the program.

RBD executive director Jessica Peters said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has had actual, disproportionate detrimental repercussions on the population we serve.” “Meeting the shifting demands and rising demand for supports has been a challenge for our agency and others.” The North End Women’s Center is grateful for this financing to continue to provide eight transitional housing beds in a safe, supportive, and community-minded environment.”