Contemporary ballet

Contemporary East Coast Ballet Performs Mi Vida at Darien Arts Center

The Darien Arts Center welcomes the premier of Mi Vida, the first full-length original ballet of the East Coast Contemporary Ballet. Performances will take place on Friday November 19 and Saturday November 20 at 7:30 p.m. at DAC Weatherstone Studio. Mi Vida, set in 1950s Cuba, is the interwoven story of six artists whose individual […]

Neoclassical ballet

Terminus Modern Ballet makes a triumphant return with “Roam” in Serenbe

Legend The enlarged Terminus modern ballet theater performing at Wildflower Meadow in Serenbe. (Photos by Christina Massad) Credit: Christina Massad Legend The enlarged Terminus modern ballet theater performing at Wildflower Meadow in Serenbe. (Photos by Christina Massad) Credit: Christina Massad Credit: Christina Massad The first half of the current version still explores and contrasts this […]

Contemporary ballet

10 contemporary ballet choreographers who innovate in art

Throughout the long history of ballet, there have always been contemporary choreographers who have left their own imprint on the art form. “A contemporary ballet choreographer is one who honors and understands the history of ballet while finding ways to innovate and make relevant what is happening in the present,” said the Dean of the […]

Contemporary ballet

R&J Reimagined is an exciting contemporary ballet based on a Shakespeare classic

Yaoqian Shang as Juliet and Tyrone Singleton as Romeo in R&J Reimagined. Photo: Bill Cooper Birmingham Royal Ballet director Carlos Acosta shows his commitment to exciting contemporary dance alongside the traditional ballet repertoire with his Carlos Curates programs. As they prepare for the festive Nutcracker favorite, the October reunion season at Birmingham Racecourse featured Sir […]

Contemporary ballet

Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet to Launch New Production in Former Prison Space

The Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet is working on the creation of its latest work, a “multimedia ballet” involving experimental media and the troupe’s dancers, in a newly redesigned Tbilisi venue from a detention center to a contemporary art space. In the courtyard of the Alternative Art Space No 12, formerly of the penitentiary No 12 in […]

Contemporary ballet

Axelrod Contemporary Ballet Theater presents DANCING IN THE DARK

Axelrod Contemporary Ballet Theater presents “Dancing in the Dark” in October, an immersive theatrical dance performance celebrating the “world of the afterlife”. AXCBT invites theatergoers and Halloween lovers to a spellbinding dance party, inspired by popular horror classics. Each performance will include dance-theater works inspired by Marie shelley‘s “Frankenstein,” Bram stoker‘s “Dracula”, Alfred hitchcock‘s “The […]

Classical ballet

Gabe Stone Shayer merges music, fashion and classical ballet in new selection of today’s pop culture

Dancer and soloist ABT Gabe Stone Shayer, Photographer Xavier Francis. Xavier Francois For a choreographer, dance is the only form of expression. The movement of the body delivers a message to be interpreted. But in the same way for fashion the body does the same, the only difference is that it is draped in someone […]

Classical ballet

WestMET brings classical ballet to Westonka PAC | Community

Allynne Noelle and Thomas Brown opened WestMet Classical Training in Long Lake in September last year after a virtual run that several months earlier had started with semi-private lessons in their loft and a gradually building client base. A new extension is underway this summer. Noelle and Brown presented their first classical performances at the […]

Classical ballet

Giselle: Live Classical Ballet Presented by Sierra Nevada Ballet | Carson City Nevada News

Event date: July 23, 2021 (All day) Giselle is the bittersweet story of love and death that has moved audiences of all ages around the world. This is perhaps the most beloved of ballets in the world about the peasant woman who falls in love with a Grand Duke, dies of a broken heart, and […]

Classical ballet

‘Giselle’ de Troupe emphasizes non-inclusiveness in classical ballet | Culture & Leisure

Studying ballet as a teenager, Katy Pyle felt close to Giselle, the heroine broken by the love of classical ballet of 1841. A naïve young peasant girl who loves to dance, Giselle succumbs to the attentions of a nobleman in disguise, and when her betrayal is revealed, she goes mad and dies, moving on to […]