Classical ballet

Elizabeth’s Academy of Classical Ballet offers lessons for budding dancers | Radio KCII

If you live in Washington County and have an interest in ballet or dance, you’re in luck.

Elizabeth’s Classical Ballet Academy, located in Ainsworth town centre, offers classes for children from the age of three through to adults. Elizabeth Billups, a former professional dancer and choreographer, who teaches classical ballet in the Russian Vaganova method, is the director. Classes started on Monday September 12 and take place in the afternoons and evenings throughout the week. Classes will run through May and end with a December performance of The Nutcracker: a magical ballet with a bit of everything including battles, romance, candy land, stylish outfits, music wonderful and much more.

The composition of the classes ranges from amateurs to semi-professionals, to those who wish to become career dancers.

Barre and center work, floor combinations, turns and jumps, classical choreography and vocabulary all make up the lesson plan. Ballet is taught in French, so dancers will be able to study and understand that as well. Billups would also work hard to place any new dancers in the appropriate class to avoid anxiety and apprehension.

On the dancer side, Billups told KCII News, “It helps if students practice at home. Definitely ask questions during class. To [also] come with an attitude of not being afraid to make mistakes; to try something new.

She mentions that her goal for this year, especially since it will be their second year playing The Nutcracker, is to make it bigger and better. She is looking for extras and specifies that being an extra does not require taking regular courses. She is looking for more male performers in particular.

If you want to join, watch or try a class for the first time, visit their website at Visit Elizabeth’s Academy of Classical Ballet on Facebook or call the studio at 319-548-0236.